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Dial-Ur-Boost 2LB Upper Pulley System, by South Florida Pulley Headquarters. "I HIGHLY RECCOMEND IT".
This System adds Performance, ET, and together with the SFPH 4lb Lower Pulley I run it gives me much adjustability for changing
seasons and the different set-ups I run.
Bought from:

This is one of the easiest Mod's you'll EVER do

Simply remove your Pulley Belt (using a Std 1/2" Drive Breaker Bar)

Remove the Bolt in the Center of the Upper Pulley (8mm if I remember ?)

Use a Puller Tool (I bought mine from SFPH also)
And Remove the Factory Upper Pulley

Then Use the same puller tool, "but in a different configuration"
And PRESS the Dial-Ur-Boost Hub onto the Eaton Shaft

It'll Now look like this

Then simply install the Pulley of your choice "with 4 Allen Bolts"

Re-install the Center Bolt (never has to come out again to swap Pulleys)
Put your Belt back on

Start to finish in @ 1/2 hour no prob
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