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How Come I cant see the How To's ?

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I was goin to look over a How to by SVT KY about the Roush install, but for some reason, when I click the link for the thing it loads and everything but its a blank screen. I cant see anything. :smt013 Can anyone send me it in a different format by email or something other than the pdf... ???
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I already tried that Jay......DUH lol for whatever reason it loads but only shows a blank screen.
Sorry,works for me.Maybe they figure you know it all. [smilie=laugh.gif]
lol I certantly hope not [smilie=fingersx.gif]
nevermind.........finnally got the F'er to work.
You might have to get Adobe Reader 6.0 to see the PDF ... It's free....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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