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S! Gas Tires Oil Members, Staff, Friends, and Guests!

Houston Performance (HPD) will be hosting one of the largest cruises of the year. HPD invites you to join us for the South Coast Fun Run to Galveston Island. Past HPD G-Town runs have always been +150 to 300 rides. Performance domestics/imports, sport trucks, 4x4 show trucks, and power bikes. Please join HPD for one of the best cruises you'll have all year.

I. South Coast Fun Run Outline:

- There will be (2) meeting locations. (1) NORTH side meeting location and (1) South side meet location.

- North side will rally up with the South side.

- After safety/route briefing the group will move to Lake Jackson for a pit stop at Buc-ee's for a fuel/refreshment/restroom break.

- The cruises will continue on to Surfside Beach where the cruise will turn up (NORTH) the Bluewater Highway to Galveston Island.

- TOLL BRIDGE: It will be $2 to cross the toll bridge per ride. HPD has a system that will get everyone through the bridge in 15 mins. We have done this with +300 rides and it works every single time. It will be explained at the SOUTH side meet location.

- Once on Galveston Island we will stop for eats/drinks @ The Spot on The Seawall. Once on location the top section of The Spot will be RSVP'd anyone on the cruise. Full lunch menu and full bar service as well. After you eat feel free to enter any of the bars at The Spot. Take this time to meet others from the cruise and discuss the event.

- Take your time and return to Houston at your leisure. There will be no return cruise to the Houston Area. Please be safe on your return trip home.

II. South Coast Fun Run NORTH/SOUTH Meet Locations/Times:

- NORTH SIDE meet location: (Address = 23750 US 59 North Kingwood, TX 77339) The massive parking lot between Kingwood Dr. and North Park Dr. Next to Texas Road House.

- NORTH SIDE meet time & roll out: Meet @ 10am w/ 10:45am roll out.

- SOUTH SIDE meet location: (Address = 2808 Business Center Dr, Pearland, TX‎ 77584) The Hobby Lobby on 518 W @ 288 S.

- SOUTH SIDE meet time & roll out: Meet time @ 11am w/ Noon roll out.

III. Cruise Route:


Please take a few minutes to get familiar with the map. Overlook the route and make sure you know which way we are going.

IV: Cruise Safety:

Ladies and Gentlemen. This will be a 100% SAFE Fun Run to the Galveston. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for anyone driving unsafe. If you are reported to me for being unsafe and causing danger to others. I will talk with you 1 on 1 privately. If it happens again, you will be asked to leave. We have all spent tons of $$$ and wrench time on our rides. Lets NOT mess them up because one "show-off" was trying to be cool in front of Houston's Fastest Forum.

- Do NOT drive outside of your ability.
- Do NOT show-off unsafely.
- Do NOT tailgate others.
- Do NOT shoulder pass.
- Control your passengers.
- Use signals.
- Wear seat belts.
- Keep the N20 bottles closed and the boost on low.
- Use your head.

IV. Fun Run Gear:

- 2 Way Radio. (Will keep you informed on what's happening on the fun run)
- ID.
- Sunglasses.
- Vid camera or Go-Pro mounted camera.
- Comfortable driving clothing.
- Lunch $$$.
- Full tank of gas.
- Sexy copilot
- Clear inspection & registration.

V. Vids of past HPD Galveston Cruises:

You Tube

You Tube

You Tube

You Tube

You Tube

Just a small taste of what HPD does.

VI. Questions or Concerns:

If you have questions about the event. Please feel free to post or PM them to me. I will get back ASAP with the answer.

Troy - HPD Staff.
- 09 Black C6 Z06 (Houston Stock)
- 02 Electron Blue C5 Z06 (418ci/N2O)
- 08 Black F250 Supercrew 4x4

any of u guys ever been to one of these there inviting eveybody i went to one last year

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They are bad ass!! Ill be going foshooo

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damn.. wish it was the weekend before thanksgiving. I've been on a few of these, always a good time.

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damn those are some badass rides....

looks fun for sure, ill be going
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