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Holy can you say 20 lbs of Boost IS NOT a problem   [smilie=eek4.gif] :shock: [smilie=eek4.gif]

I've heard so many talk about Headers, and Hi Flo Cats stealing Boost, and of course Heads
and Cams. (I don't have Heads and Cams) but man I got to tell you, last night I caught over
20 lbs by simply giving it a quick stab maybe 1/2 -3/4 pedal in 2nd. Didn't talk much about it
till I saw it again, now mind you I still only have 320 on it (20 miles tonight, woo hoo) and it
IS NOT tuned nor is the Maf Extendr even pluged in, but holy this thing runs amazing just the
way it is Sal Man 

Twice tonight I once again gave it a quick stab, not to the floor, not for more than a sec or two,
and all I can say is 20 LBS OF BOOST IS NOT A PROBLEM, WOO HOO........................

[smilie=3gears.gif]  :smt026 [smilie=3gears.gif]

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Hey Rob when you goona dyno tune that Beast
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