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Hi I’m selling a lightning if anyone is interested I live in tucson az

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Manley rods pistons built short lock on factory crank
Long tube headers 3.0 exhaust with race cats
42lb/hr injectors fuel pressure at 42.5psi
Aeromotive return style compatible fuel system. Adjustable pressure regulator
JLP ram air intake kit.
SCT big air MAF BA2600 with billet housing
Billet throttle body
Innovators west overdrive damper Sfi spec
Metco billet tensioner bracket
AEM fail safe water meth kit
AEM wideband
Fuel pressure gauge.

Fully built transmission
Billet tensioners/guides
Fully studded motor, cometic gaskets
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Well, you posted in the "Rules For Buying And Selling" section. Nobody will see it here. I will move it to the classifieds as soon as you PM me that you added price which is required.
Sorry I’m new to all this
OK. You still need to post an asking price. truck looks nice.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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