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Hell ya it's back on Rich  :D

Trucks running in this picture, see the 8 lights on the box strapped to the Fire Wall
(behind the Solenoids)

There was no huge discussion over it, but yes Sal and me did talk about it a little.
No doubt Multi Spark is always better, the bad rap from the Plasma Booster was
people expected to bolt one on and see some kind of major HP improvement, thats
not what Multi Spark is about ( of course you know that :D )

I ran the end of 02 racing season, and then the entire years of 03, and 04 ON THE
SAME SET OF PLUGS, never even pulled one out to check :D
Why ??? because there was no need for it, my Truck ran flawless on Denso's).

The Plasma Booster will give you more spark
more spark will disapate more heat
more spark will also give you a more efficient  "fire in the hole"
A PB will also allow a much larger Gap, I ran .038 - .040 (grrnt'd to fire WELL to 1.00)

With Nitrous and extra Fuel being sent into the Cylinder, I'll take all the spark I can
get, I think it's a perfect marriage for big boost and Nitrous, something I do both off :D

Want to see my plugs after 3 years of Nitrous Ronbo  :D

Schitt I'm feeling good, I'll even show you the tops of my pistions, you could not have
asked for a better color, the burn was simply perfect.
(Note the off color you see was due to the pistons being put in a plastic bag and they
got oil all over them, I then dried them off to take the picture.
They were one perfect dry color when they took them out

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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