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Its just a 2v :]
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My buddy Robert Hamm who most know from Facebook is parting his truck out but wouldn't let him post here so I'm doing it for him.

Robertwhamm and 618-616-9892

Link to AD -


First of all the truck is salvage title, the title I have is clean but if you run the VIN it was declared total loss a couple years ago. Previous owner filed a claim whenever parts were stolen off the truck and it was totaled out.


150 something or other k miles.
New Bogart d10s with brand new drag radials
Strange suspension
15 gal fuel cell mounted in bed
Magnafuel 750 fuel pump
100 Micron pre filter / 10 post
-10 an feed and -8 an return with all fittings you will need (500 psi E85 safe lines)
Inovative wide band
Greddy boost controller
BTS transmission with around 1k miles on it since freshened up
Circle D 3000 stall

I stripped and painted the engine bay and did the harness through the whiper cowl
Overall the truck is pretty clean. The interior is very clean. Front bumper has some rash and the hood / top of the truck could use some clean up but paint over all is decent.

$4500 for the roller with trans, fuel system and bogarts
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right from the machine shop
Lincoln navigator block
20 over
used JLP pistons and rods
Freshly polished forged crank
NEW Mod max stainless steel rings
NEW Thicker wrist pins
NEW Clevite main and rod bearings
NEW ARP main studs, side bolts and cam bolts
Replaced 2 pistons that didn't look good enough to reuse. All machine work, piston/rod assembly and file fitting of rings were done at machine shop.

$2500 for the short block
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Livernois CNC stage 3 ported heads
8 thread heads NO INSERTS!!
CNC ported.
Brand new ferrera exhaust valves
Fresh valve job
Freshly decked
Comp springs
New valve seals
Trick flow valve covers
Intake valves have slight pitting on a couple but were fine to reuse (seen in photo)
Custom grind turbo cams
fully assembled and ready to go with arp cam bolts.

$2500 for the heads completely assembled and ready to go
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Single T4 turbo kit with everything needed for install minus a turbo.
- Oil pan with return and line
- Oil feed adapter and line
- Ported Mid plate
- Ported Turkey pan
- 10 row intercooler
- tial BOV
- hot side 4"
- cold side 4"
- BA 3000
- Acufab single blade TB
- Vbands and clamps and some heat wrap

$3500 for the turbo kit

I have a t6 S475 with t4 adapters I will also sell but you would need a new down pipe created to run this turbo. BRAND NEW
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Product Pipe Metal

⚡⚡Turbo power for the win ??⚡⚡

Its just a 2v :]
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His username on here is Robertwhamm and number is 618-616-9892 - Robert

⚡⚡Turbo power for the win ??⚡⚡

Its just a 2v :]
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Trust me I know he has everything I need to finish my turbo build lives 10 minutes away an I'm over here like damn you Bills !

⚡⚡Turbo power for the win ??⚡⚡

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Any chance he has a set of head bolts available?
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