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To all who have completed the task. What product have you used and how did it go? Looking to potential do it myself after a full touch up and paint correction.

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A great DIY ceramic coating product is Cquartz UK 3.0 (50ml Kit)
It's easy to use. (Take the time to read the direction and tips)

Items also needed.
CarPro 2 Face (No Lint) 16" x 16" - Blue/ Orange 10 Pack
This will give you enough quality towels to do the entire vehicle.
Use the short nap side for coating removal after "flashing".
Use the long nap side for leveling (removal) of any high spots.
The two colors allow you to separate the different tasks by colors.
Blue for "flashing" removal and orange for high spot removal.
Be sure to throw away towels you have used for removal when you are done.
Why the Carpo 2 Face towels? Short nap/long nap and they do not scratch paint.

CarPro Eraser 500ml (17oz)
This is used to remove any residual products from cleaning or polishing prep.
Again, I use an orange towel and mark a corner with a magic marker.
I do this so towels used for prep and product removal are not cross contaminated.

1) Wash, clean and polish the paint surfaces.
Decontaminate the paint if needed (baggie test), IronX, then clay bar (or alternative).
IMHO polishing the paint the most important step. Why you ask?
If you apply a coating on top of swirl will have very shiny sealed in swirls.

2) Clean the paint to be free of soaps, polishing oils and any other residual chemistry.
This is where Eraser and the designated orange towel(s) comes in. Clean all the paint.

3) Apply (and remove) the coating to one section/panel (half hood, fender, etc.) at a time.
I recommend using the included applicator pad with the 4"x4" microfiber squares.
Apply it in straight cross hatch pattern. Wait approximately 2 minutes and lightly remove.

For this step I suggest lightly using the blue towel with the short nap side for coating removal.
The next step is to use an orange towel with the long nap side to remove remaining smears.
When this is done you can move to the next panel. Again, one panel at a time and you'll be fine.

It may sound complicated but its not.

Short Version:
1) Wash, decontaminate, clean and polish paint (if needed)

2) Spray and wipe down paint surfaces with Eraser.

3) Apply coating to one panel at a time.
(front to back and then side to side)

4) Remove at about 2 minutes
(Using the short nap side of the blue towels.)
followed by the second towel leveling
(Using the long nap side of the orange towels)

NOTE: Do not reuse (throw away) any towels that were used for coating removal.

I can get two coats out of a 50ml bottle. The second coat can be applied after one hour.

If you have any question please post them in a reply.

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Merlin, Any coupons for Carpro-US ?
Free95 is one of them. For free shipping on orders over 95$

the other one is 15% off but I’d have to call and ask what that code is. They change them occasionally so it’s good to call.
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