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?Atco contacted me that we may have the last Friday in October 2020, but I will know for sure before this season is over, requirements if anyone is interested is as Follows*
#1 just would need a list of names who might be interested *
#2 Just your word is good enough *
#3 no paying in advance is Necessary*
#4 pay the day of*
#5 spectators are free *
#6 $200 per truck/car*
#7 both lanes will be fully prepped *
#8 Tech will be lenient *
#9 No street tires *
#10 No food will be Provided*
#11 Max of (20)
your name must be on the list in order to attend,
If your name is not on the list you won’t be allowed to race, so if you want to come please put your name on the list ASAP to Guarantee your spot, but remember you don’t have to pay until the day of.
PS* The first (5) names will receive a Prize upon arrival *
Thank you in advice, and want to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving to you and your families .

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So Atco contacted you, or you contacted them about having "FrankFest"... must be some wide doors in your it a private rental or is someone paying $200 to race, along with the other 150+ cars (like there was this year)..... is it truly a preped track, sprayed and drug the entire 1320'....they are stating "tech will be lenient", that's a bold statement to put online. Even when their rules online state "9.99 and quicker: certified cage, license, full face helmet".....this whole thing seems like a dick move towards everyone who has put on another rental on that same date for the last 10+ years....
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