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Discussion Starter · #1 · is offering FTVB's (Factory Tech Valve Bodies) at a special price for two weeks starting today and ending June 6th 2005.  This group buy special is for anyone with a Gen II Lightning or Harley, anything with a 4R100 transmission.

The price is $211 shipped to your door in the lower 48 states.  Hawaii and Alaska's price is $224.

It's not just for members of Ford message boards, everyone is included, pass the word please.

To order call 704 521-4923, ask for Andy, he's handling all the orders.  We will accept orders for the two week period and ship shortly thereafter.

We also ask you to participate in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life Raffle.  The details are below, and the donations go straight to the ACS, only they touch the money.  They accept credit cards also. :)

Thank you,

Andy @ Chikenears


Factory Tech is donating a Monster Box and someone WILL win it !!

The info for the raffle is;

Donations are $100, max of 100 will be sold

The prizes are donated, all donations go straight to the ACS

Drawing will be held on June 11, at the Loveland Relay for Life, a site with details on the Event is at

Donations are made directly to the ACS, and they will forward the list to me for the drawing. 
To make a donation contact:

Jamie Webb
2808 Reading Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45212
513-891-1600 FAX 513-891-1404
email: [email protected]


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