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I'm really pissed off about this @&$%@#*($^%@#^$%#@$

Been painted for over 2 weeks, my Neighbors been great, it's his Artist Air Brush buddy that held us up, @($^%@#($%@#($%($
He's had it for 3 weeks now, plenty of time but you know these dam Artist, hehehehe
Anyway my neighbor feels so bad that he said when I get it home, he'll have him come over and do the air brushing and 3rd and final coat of Clear with it right it on the Truck ???
And we'll see ???

I will say this, like the Magnum the Pic's do it no justice, the dam black is so shiney, it makes it look all lumpy, "it's not". He baked this in an oven, and the finish is unfrigging believable, like a hi gloss glass look, WOO HOO
Now if I would have only got my Air Brushing &^$%(#^$%(#$%(#$%(#$

Oh well we need it now, and it'll have to wait.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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