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I got the call from Pro Dyno yesterday. Dropping the truck off next week for a major rebuild. I went ahead and purchased a longblock to keep downtime to a minimum since truck is daily driven and I hate to be without it. Truck is an 03HD anniversary. Here are the upgrades:
Block bored .20 over
Manley rods
Carillo dished pistons
Trick Flow 185 twisted wedge heads
Lightning crank
JDM stage 2 cams
2.6 KB supercharger
Fore innovation level 3 fuel system with FC2 controller/twin walbros
JDM electric fan kit
Afco dual pass heat exchanger
Heavy duty water pump
New 130 amp alternator
Bosch injectors( they a5re supposed to be comparable to ID1000's)
Innovators West harmonic balancer with Metco adapters
MP Idler bridge and tensioner
3 Metco 90mm dual bearing pulleys
Comp r full exhaust with hi flow cats
JLP long bars/ drop shackles
High capacity intercooler tank( not sure what brand)
Planning on 18 pounds of boost
I have already had the transmission built and put a Wilwood brake kit on it.
Only a few more things to do( yeah right ) like rear end and driveshaft loop.
Pro Dyno is projecting 630 RWHP. I am thinking that to be conservative, but what do I know. I am just a newbie with the speed bug. I ran the truck in the quarter at 13.9 flat. Hoping to break into the 11's.
I am making 392hp/466tq right now. I am really about to die to see what its gonna make. I am really curious to get feedback from you guys that have been there and done that with similar builds, and more experience than myself what the numbers may be. I will update in the next couple of weeks with pics of the finished product. Looking forward to the GTG that the Carolina Crew is putting together at the Darlington Raceway in November. Thanks for the feedback.

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that sounds pretty close, I'm running a very similar set up and pushing 630/629 on a conservative street tune.
all i can say is you're going to love it!! that kind of power is awesome!!! and gas bill gets expensive if you like speed!!

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I think 630 is a pretty good estimate, especially if you're using the factory KB plenum. I made 649/692 on my built combo with the factory 2.6 KB plenum, and JLP stage 3 heads/cams.

If you're getting the sheetmetal plenum, it can add 50-70 hp/tq on top of that

I peaked my 2.6 KB combo out at 820/875 it's a bad little blower!!!

Just a couple things, if you're having them build your running good longblock, make sure you're getting credit for the block itself, etc. That all gets reused in the build. Also you listed Lightning crank separate, that's the EXACT same crank your truck already has, so there's really no need to replace it. The only one worthwhile doing is a cobra jet crank because the snout is threaded deeper than the L/HD crank and it's about $300 bucks or so. And you can still keep your stock crank to sell then. It's not absolutely necessary, but it's a nice to have. Either keep your factory one, or get a CJ one, don't waste the money to re-buy another exact same one you already have.

Oh and get your factory 8 thread heads back since you're going TF, or get the credit for them on the build. Guys will buy the 8 thread stock heads. Even JLP will buy factory heads since they use them for porting.
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