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I have a brand new Modotek Progressive Nitrous Controller for sale...

Retails $315.00

Asking $275.00

Drives two nitrous stages, purge solenoid and is capable of 40 amp output on each stage.

Each stage is independently programmable based on throttle position, RPM, vehicle speed, time delay, and first gear lock out.

Output for purge solenoid (requires external relay). Programmable automatic purge when system is armed.

Flexible RPM input compatible with high voltage coil drive (vehicles with coil packs or distributor ignition), standard 12 volt tach signal, or low level logic drive (newer vehicles with coil-on-plug).

General purpose input/output (GPIO) terminal. Programmable for use as shift light output, additional stage enable input, or control output for ignition retard.

Status LED output (ideal for use with arming switch containing LED).

Built-in data logging. Ideal as basic vehicle data logger during dyno tuning or drag racing. Logs data whenever system is armed. Stores last 5 minutes of data at 10 samples/second.

Data logged includes throttle position, RPM, vehicle speed, status of all inputs and outputs, and two 0-5 volt analog inputs.

0-5 Volt analog inputs are compatible for logging wide-band air/fuel ratio data.

Heavy duty industrial grade clamping terminal blocks allow easy and reliable hookup without soldering or crimping.

Compact size: PNC. is 4.10L x 2.80W x 1.10H (not including mounting feet and terminal block).

USB interface to laptop PC. Powerful Windows software for programming controller and downloading logged data.

Awesome controller... Came with a kit that we purchased and just have no need for all the additional controls so we downgraded to a simple digital window switch and are offering this one up for sale!
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