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JANUARY 27, 2005 - Ford Motor Co. is recalling nearly 800,000 pickups and sport utility vehicles because the cruise control switch could short circuit and cause a fire under the hood, the nation's second biggest automaker said today.
The recall affects approximately 792,000 Ford F-150 pickups, Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators from the 2000 model year. Also affected are 2001 F-Series Supercrew trucks that were made at the same time.
Ford will notify owners of the recall in February, and dealers will deactivate the cruise control switch for free. Once the company has an adequate supply of replacement switches, it will send another letter notifying owners that they can get their switches replaced.
Ford said cruise control will be disabled once the switch is deactivated.
"We recognize this may be an inconvenience, but we believe this preventive action is in the best interest of our customers' safety," the company said.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into the defect in November after receiving 36 reports of fires. All of the incidents occurred when the vehicle was parked and the ignition was turned off. No injuries were reported.

Houston Lawyers Sue Ford Over F-150 Fires

The suit charges that fire investigators determined the 2002 Galveston house fire started inside a 1997 Ford F-150 pickup that was parked under the beachfront home. Its engine was turned off at the time of the fire, which began without warning.
That is typical of the pattern surrounding many of the fires in Ford F-150 and related vehicles.
"The majority of the fires happened when the car is not in use and the vehicle is turned off. The reason it catches fire is because it's hot-wired like an onboard computer or clock. It has a hot line going to it 24/7," Houston-area attorney Norman Jolly told Houston's KPRC-TV.
Jolly said all the cases he's representing are Ford F-Series trucks of different years, up to and including 2000 models. He also said the vehicles were not in use when the explosion occurred.
Jolly is suing Ford on behalf of Charles Everts, whose pickup caught on fire because of the switch, which burned his Tiki Island home to the ground.
"My 1997 Ford XLT Lariat pickup after being turned off for several hours while parked under my home in Tiki Island caught fire and totally destroyed my home and all me and my wife owned," Everts said in a complaint to ConsumerAffairs.Com. "Killed one dog but my Labrador Sarah was able to leap over our deck railing and down 20 feet into a canal saving her life."
"Thank God we were not at home when the fired occurred or I would not be able to write this letter," he said.
Another plaintiff in the suit, Marley Garcia, said he woke up to a popping noise from his garage and found his Ford Expedition in flames. The ceiling os his garage was already on fire as he began pushing the vehicle outside, he said.
"I knew if (the vehicle) burned any more, it would burn my house down and kill me and my family," Garcia told the station. "I don't know how I did it. I couldn't see anything either. Everything was just black. I was going by feel."
Despite numerous incidents in older vehicles, Ford and NHTSA are concentrating their investigation and the recall on 2000-year models.
Jolly told the station that the NHTSA's investigation is currently only investigating problems with the recalled vehicles even though they have received complaints on older model Ford trucks and SUVs.
"We can see, clearly, the fire in this 2000 Expedition was starting right there in the switch -- the same switch that's installed on numerous Ford vehicles," Jolly said.

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call your local dealership and they are able to look up by the vin if your truck is one of the ones included in the recall. Mine wasnt. :D

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We're all easy shots, if we knew how to make enough noise, we could have would have and should have GOT HEAD from Ford, maybe even a nice strong Rod stuck in our 
"you know what", (I bet you'd enjoy that Buddy+Chris) [smilie=omgrofl.gif]

36 Fires are enough for a recall, but it's ok for thousands and thousands to spit plugs, and throw rods.  :smt017
My guess is the damage has cost the L owners 100 fold what the fires have, but thats ok right FORD ??? Because you CAN AND WILL find a way to void wrrnty and make us pay for YOUR flaws.

Any Flaw or Recall scares the schitt out of me because I'd NEVER let a Dealer touch my L,
so I have to live with each and everyone (^$%(@#$)(@#[email protected]$^)@$%)@$
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