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ok ill make it easy im not sure what their worth you tell me and we will work something out i want to be fair with everyone
1-c&l intake elbow SOLD
2-center consol mod brackets w/bolts SOLD
3-stock upper plenum
4-stock throtle body SOLD
5-10 stock cops all in working condition
6- 2.80 upper pulley with quick change hub (hardwear included brand new lfp) SOLD
7-slicks and wheels-ar bajas mickey thompson slicks just a few passes on them SOLD
8-a.r.e toneau cover new keys and trim needs paint
9-dual fan kit for a jlp heat exchanger SOLD
pm me if your interested im not on all the time

Dam it feels good to be a Gangsta
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pm sent on the dual fans...

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todd u getting those slicks??? if not im interested... or maybe frozen...

220 picked up?
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