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I've had the truck since early 2012, but unfortunately I've been overseas since the end of 2013 (keeping the mileage low in the garage[smilie=ug2). Finally getting a couple weeks of leave and looking to turn some wrenches before heading back out!! I can tell the guys who owned this L before me (mcqueen, isharj, matler23) definitely took care of it and I want to do the same.

I'm wanting to do a relocation to move a little extra weight to the rear, but other than that, it looks like my predecessors have done all the basic/intermediate upgrades out there.

List is below, what else is there to do minus internals?

Magnum Power blower with Lightning rotors
6lb lower, 2.76 upper, 17lbs of boost at peak
C&L upper plenum
JLP intake
2400 SCT MAF
New COP’s (about 7k miles)
Oil separator
EGR delete
Afco DB HE with fans
TF Reservoir
New 255 walbros with stainless Y (about 4k miles)
60lb injectors
Kooks LT's with Stage 8 locking fasteners
Exhaust: Magnaflow bullets where cats go and Spintech muffler in stock location
Moroso deep trans pan
DMP valve body
SCT Xcal3
Tuned by Rick at Amazon Tuning

Hotchkis full TVS kit
Hotchkis Bilstein HPS shocks
Roush cam bolts
Metco lower track links

Corbeau LG1's
Expy center console built by Eric
Triple A Pillar pod with Aeroforce, cobalt boost gauge and LM-1 wideband
Clarion 7 in screen with navigation
6000k HIDs
Carriageworks Grills
03-04 wheels painted Black Pearl
OEM tonneau cover
New 35% tint on doors
Solid back glass (also have factory slider)
Spray in Bed Liner

Not new to modulars, just new-ish to Lightnings. The Mustang is pushing it's limits on the stock internals, so she's not getting upgrades ATM (until the engine gives).

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From what I read and the horror stories that were bounced around, I would look into a new tuner immediately!! All else looks pretty good. Good luck and thank you for your service! :bigtu
A tune

Your running that much boost on stock internals and an amazon tune?
I was planning on a new tune after reading a few other threads. I don't remember seeing the horror stories a few years ago when I bought it, so never thought to do it before this.

The shop that took care of my car is in Cali, are there any reputable tuners in the DFW/North Central Texas area?
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