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Relocated computer and firewall harness, and truck started running like ass. No CEL, but pulled a P0443 Evap Solenoid code. Reset, checked it, and it had a pinched wire. Replaced the chunk of wire where it was pinched, ran through all the service tests for it (my buddy is the service manager at the local stealership) - got the right voltage and resistance readings for each test (plug, pins on the solenoid, etc), even had hum hook up a breakout box and test it at the computer. Anyways, it runs rough as hell now, sounds and feels like multiple misfires. Still never tripped a CEL, but sure as shit, I pull the same code again with my scanner. Unplugged the solenoid, and unhooked all the lines to it and capped em off, and it runs even worse. Still won't trip CEL. Yes, the bulb works, cuz I set it off with a misfire when I unhooked a coil.

Any ideas? Can't run right with it hooked up, can't run right without it hooked up, and everything checks out within spec for voltage and ohms. Could something have gotten messed up in my computer? I know like on a pc, drivers can get messed up or whatever, could that have happened with the ecu? And if so, how?
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