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Due to the latest advancements in technology and smart phones I have had to revise our tuning procedure and policy.

I have asked this before in the past but I guess its time to set it in stone.

When emailing me for a tune revision or sending me a datalog I will need your full name, the name of the last tune revision that I sent you, or the one your datalog reflects and the tuning modules serial number.

This will also speed up the response time to your email.

Lately I have been getting alot of emails from smartphones and they dont normally carry a signature or full name in that email so it makes it impossible to look up your tune. I do not remember names based off of an email addy so please include your full name in all communication with me.

Full name
Name of last tune sent to you or the name of the one you are datalogging
Serial number from the tuning module (if using SCT)

And lastly, if you have not gotten an email response from me, please by all means call me directly.

Thanks everyone,

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