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OK, we may not have a front cover, [smilie=fingersx.gif] but either way it’ll be on line by tonight.

Oh where oh where has our Buddy gone
Where oh where can he be ?
It’s almost frigging dead line time
and *$%#*$ Christmas Eve

Of course this first edition was a MF to get going because we had to develop a Format and Lay Out for E-Zine,
(You'll find it very easy to use, and quite user friendly). I also think you'll be quite happy with the first edition

From this point foward, there will be an extremely easy way FOR YOU to submit your stories, interviews, pic's etc,
(more on that later).
But please start working on anything you want to submit NOW, so we don't have to go right up to the Dead Line like this editions was. Got Dam I need some sleep,
(I should mention that Chris put a little time into this too [smilie=omgrofl.gif]

We'll set it right up after e-zine's out so you can start sending next months stuff now.

Enjoy the E-Zine,
AND HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY [smilie=noel.gif] [smilie=party.gif]

PLEASE DON'T OVER DO IT :smt030 (and if you do, for pete's sake, DON'T DRIVE) [smilie=owneddance.gif]

Please feel free to give your opinions, sugestions, AND HELP (I'll blame Chris for anything you don't like anyway) :smt042
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