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No excuses, AMOF I'm stoked.
Although these are uncorrected #'s, (I'll take um as high as I can find un, hehehehe)
To be soooooooooooo close to my Goal, ON 14 DEGREES OF TIMING, is just amazing  :D
(14 and 16 degrees were pretty much the same)

Although I rushed to install the n20 plate this morning and went there ARMED AND DANGEROUS, (woo hoo) what you see here is after a lot of work, at first the AF was well  into the 13's, and
totally unaccetable to Sal and Myself to even think about adding 150 HP.
(if we're running out of fuel now, no way it can flow the xtra fuel for 150 HP of added n20)
So unfortunately no N20 Runs, AMOF no Race Tunes either, I left without a switch even installed
in the SCT, (yes we switched from my Diablo to my SCT Chip).

At least I can FIANLLY WOT it and feel  safe, (still running a tad lean on the top end, but I'm ok
for short blast) WOO HOO..... So FOR NOW only a 24/7 around town tune for pump gas.

The Maf Extender and 50lb Injectors worked perfect, no where near  5 volts, and the Injectors
have plenty more to flow, the problem is simply we're not getting enough from the Pumps. Unfortunately Sal is out of pumps this second, so we have to order them and install them before
we can go further.

Considering I'm @ where I was with 4 + 2 + Mother of Ports + 75 N20 + 19 Degrees,
I AM TOTALLY SATISFIED (especially for a 14 - 16 Degree pump gas tune)
I got DAM NEAR 600 FT lbs of Tq already, WOO HOO

This frigging Magnum Screams like you can not imagine, if you never heard one on a Dyno, do yourself a favor and listen to one, WOW. Sal let me sit in the pass seat and watch the gauge
to make sure there was no slipping, hehehehehe...... CAN YOU SAY 22lbs OF SCREAMING
WHINE AT WOT TOP END  :shock: I'd buy this Magnum ten times over just for that wonderful scream, but having the power I use to have on Nitrous, WITHOUT NITROUS
IS PRICELESS......................

Not quite there yet my Frineds, BUT WE SURE ARE GETTING CLOSE :D

THANKS SAL / PSP, YOU ARE THE MAN........................

Sal sure is having a lot of fun with Turbo Beast, he even put street tires on it, and drives it around now, WOO HOO
Man I can still smell the rubber on me, hehehehehe

Got to fly for now, Movie time.....................

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I agree w/Phil, Rob!

Your pumps are short changing you, time to hit up the dual 255LPH HIGH PRESSURE pumps sir! (BTW, I want my SCT CHIP ;)  :D  )

Have you decided which pumps you are going to go with? Has Sal recommended anything?


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JDM has the setup that I bought, and I did not change the fuel rails. I am in the 700/900 club and getting ready to move up.........You can talk to him about the custom one that I have....if you need more info PM me.

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Hey Rob,nice starting numbers.
I am wondring what the timing is for that HP
level with the Magnum.
I unexpectedly joined the ranks of the Magnum Powers
SC owners due to a used blower housing being warped
so there was rotor to case contact. It was ported by Apten.
I chose to have the Magnum installed at JDM since the truck was ther being
fitted with full exhaust,SCT maf, ported upper and wideband with 60lb injectors and twin 255 pumps.
So far I am pleased wih the performance on my 12 degree winter tune.
It put down 448hp and is overpowering my F1s. Hoping to tet the hot street tune,
and the 100 octane race tune as soon as weather permits.

BTW I was shocked when Jim said he had no problem with me adding
a 100 shot of nitrous to this setup. Currently running a six lower at 19lbs boost.
looking for 11s.

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Thanks Jim

At the moment I have a 16 degree program in there, we couldn't tune for a Race Program YET (with higher timing), due to it leaning out at top end. I may even have the 14 degree in there at the moment ? (thats what we broke it in with)

Sal had his hands full keeping the AF under 12 with these pumps, unfortunately even now it will climb over 12 fast once you get over 5100 - 5200 RPM. We set the shift points @4.8 K for now so it doesn't lean out on the top end.

Once we install the pumps, WAM, 150 HP MORE, plus what ever we can add on a more aggresive street tune :D

CANT WAIT, woooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo

Sounds like you have quite the set up yourself, and very simular in #'s, :cheers:
Were you there to do the Dyno, I can not believe how this Mag SCREAMS, [smilie=eek4.gif]
I'm still short of my non spray goals, but I think once the pumps go in, that will all change

Me and Sal were joking, that the L Gods cursed me, hehehehehehe
Here I am, MR HIGH TIMING, and I'm driving around on like 14-16, and here I am MR 6K Shift Point, and it's shifting under 5. The funny part is it's a raped ape on the street compared to what I had, as you said no match for the F-1's. I pretty much spin the entire time straight through 1st 2nd and into 3rd at 1/3 to 1/2 pedal :D

ISN'T IT FUN [smilie=fingersx.gif]

Keep me updated Jim
AND CONGRATS, WOO HOO.....................

Oh here's another screen shot of the earlier Dyno that day, as you can see even a RPM or two higher and lean lean lean..... (it's safer now, we tweaked and backed off after that run)

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The sound of the Magnum is Unreal and can easily
be heard by people behind the truck, and over the
full exhaust setup.
Rob, i am sorry to say that i was not present for
my dyno runs as JDM is 2 plus hours from me and
the truck stayed there for two weeks.
I hope i have not overdone it on my stock lower
end, but it should be fun to see how far I can push
this combo.

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lightningkid said:
rob why does sals trucks exhaust come out the drivers side? [smilie=ughug.gif] [smilie=dancingcool.gif]
He has true duel exhaust out both sides if heard right a while back on about it. Rob will chime in and let us know for sure.

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I see you put your Nitrous Jets on the same table you chop your B-Rock on :LOL

You had to go and out do me DIDN'T YOU
Then there's Denny, No Rob Gator didn't buy anything from me @$%(@$%@(#$%(@$

I don't know what to believe anymore ?????

Can I at least have the Title of Worlds Highest HP Magnum for at LEAST one day
Almost grabed it yesterday, but Sal wont let me spray till the Cat Back goes on :sad:

BLA BLA BLA... [smilie=popcorn.gif]
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