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Cracked cylinder head.

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Anyone ever have a cylinder head crank in the intake runner and leak coolant?
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I'd figure out where the coolant is coming from before tearing it apart. only to find out, it's the intercooler leaking.
I did i pressized the engine cooling system and there is bubbles coming from down in the runner. I was so hoping it was the intercooler but like i said its not. I just cant catch a break on this thing.
That rules out the inter cooler..
Intake manifold gasket, anything on the floor?
Are the heads stock?
I’d check the intake manifold gasket next
I did i sucked the coolant down below the gasket level and it still bubbles from down in the hole. They are stage 2 ported heads.
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If they're older patriot heads or to much was taken out then I wouldn't be surprised.

Stage 2 is a useless term. Who did the porting?
Im not sure who did port work
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