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Cooling issue. (Help)!!

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So I swapped out my water pump, thermostat, installed an electric fan and I am overheating. The fan is working... I even turned it on manually and drove around and the temps still rise up.. I let the truck sit and idle with the cap off of the reservoir for about 20 min to get air out (thought that would be the issue) but nothing. I can let it sit on idle for 20 min and truck will not get hot. But right when I drive it for like 15 min temps go way up... Any ideas????
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What condition is ur radiator in? That could also be a concern. Had that happen on my old 98 cobra. Started driving and the temp would creep. Sat still it would cool down. Top hose was hot bottom hose was cool to the touch. Replaced radiator, got air out the system, all was well. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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