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Chrome or aluminum pulleys complete top to bottom

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I am trying to get my lightning ready for showfest in Greenville Miss. The show is less than 30 days away.I have a polished blower on the way.I have not been able to find a complete set of pulleys for my motor.I have been told they do not exist,and my only option is to pull all and have them chromed.I am afraid its not enough time with all I have left to do.I can't leave the truck down and complete.Help...Any ideas appreciated...
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I would like to know as well, would look sweet
Get ahold of Stan RU Slow!!

I've seen his underdrive pulleyt for WP and PS. Blower and lower are easy as they are already aluminum. AC - well, no clue there other than maybe a March Products clutch cover.

i know march has a set.. but another idea.... i also have a show truck and am werking on it to right now as we speak. have to looked into getting them powder coated.. they have a powder that looks like chrome just not as bright.. i have it on my exhaust of my other truck...

the turn around time is just about the same as paint....

i have a 94 ranger bodydropped stock floor.. with a 2002 ford ranger front end on it and all sheet metal dash with no gauges.. and fully shaved..... also just put in some motor cycle taillights in the tailgate skin from ( grant kustom ) who else?..... i got a b.a.d. inferno billet steering wheel. and the whole frame and everythin is either chromed or powder coated... the truck is still in the under construction class too by the way... :LOL :LOL
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