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catch cans

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good day everyone
I am new to the lightning world as I just purchased a 1999 Lightning with 41k miles
I want to put a catch can but I am wondering what's the difference from a $12 Amazon catch can or a $150 name
brand can
My question is for the can itself the functionality of it not the connectors or elbows etc..

Hose Hustlers is making all my hoses but need to select a catch can fit the set up and wanted to know if an extra $125 was necessary

functionality is my main concern
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I'm not sure of the difference but Motion raceworks has this kit on their vehicles that make far more hp than I ever will so I went with it.

I didnt care how hose hustler's catch can looked. If you understand what fittings are needed, you can just order some fragola braided nylon line (or whatever brand you want) and fittings and make your own. Mount your can and fittings then use some string or old hose to see how much length you need. MMR or UPR makes the 1/4 turn to 10an fittings for oem ford covers. Then you can do a 10an 90 degree elbow off them. I installed mine loosely Sunday. I have no pictures yet.

Here's a buddy of mine who has that kit: What did you do with your Lightning today?
$350 for a kit these kits have such a wide range of costs

thanks for the information
This came from Ebay. Kit for Mustangs. Comes with two of them. My friend bought them, put one on his truck and gave me the other. We horse trade a lot. LOL! I made the elbows out of brass fittings from ACE Hardware. Without them the hoses kept kinking on me. Has a drain cock on the bottom, just put a rattle can lid under it and open it up, and watch the glop flow. Works well. Cost me nothing, but the brass fittings. The hoses are pieces of the old IC hoses. At the time, I also put SVT Ti

ms hose kits on the truck, so had all these hoses laying around holding down my garage floor. Scratched my chin Wile E. Coyote style, and found a use for some of them.

Top pic is without the brass fittings. Bottom is with. Bottom looks much better.
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The internal media is generally the difference. Along with hardware.
internal media meaning metal or the stainless steel wool some put in it
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From the appearance, mine has the stainless steel wool. When I took off the standard hose barbs, it was evident. Works great. I get enough to half fill a standard rattle can lid in couple hundred miles. That's stomping on the loud petal frequently. If I don't do that, it's a lot less. Blower just plain old sucks the oil out of the engine on these beasts, when yu are driving it like you stole it.

Plus, gravity is in play. Oil enters the "can" on the bottom. And has to go uphill to get into the intake.
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