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These are FULL Carbon Fiber smooth wiper cowls with the wiper holes DELETED. It’s a two piece design to avoid removing your hood. And for those of you with strict state inspections it’s simply two bolts on each side and it can be removed. Uses exsisting mounting holes.

Looking to be about a 10-14 week wait. We are in the final fitment stages.

The piece pictured still needs to be cleaned and cleared.
$816 + shipping

PM me if interested.

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Update. Cleaned up and cleared. They fit together perfect. We have no doubt they will fit perfectly on the truck. Final test fit happening now.
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Count me in!
Yeah, I have to send my money today. I keep forgetting. I sure don't want to end up like Dementia Joe.
I don't think the wiper motor would need to be removed. On the stock wiper area, they are recessed quite low in the cowl area. There are depression in the cowl where the wipers reside. The new one is flush fitting, so it should be well above the motors and the little nub the wipers get bolted onto.

I believe this is the reason the OP states that it's a two-piece design, for those with strict inspection requirements. Allows you to quickly remove the carbon fiber part, and put the stock items back on to pass the damn inspection requirements. Fortunately, I don't have to do either that or emissions.
I'm waiting to find out if the wiper motors have to be removed. Don't really want to do that. Would rather not do that.
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