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My car club will be sponsoring this event. It would be awesome to have more GTOs out there to represent the HGH

Here is the info posted from 510 Engineering who is hosting it:

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to extend an invitation to everyone to come attend the Car Show/Cruise we'll be putting on at the end of the month, Oct. 30th 2010. is sponsoring the event, so we will have food and drinks for everyone as well as a raffle and prizes for Best in Show. From the Show, a lot of us will be rolling out to Sealy at about 5:30-6:00pm to catch the 2nd Annual Texas Camaro Nationals Event with the Test & Tune starting at 6:00pm and finals starting at 9pm.

The Show starts around 3pm
-Alcohol is prohibited
-Burnouts are prohibited
-Littering is prohibited
-Common sense and maturity are encouraged
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