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i just put new brakes on my truck. :cool: i bought the rotors off of ebay. i was somewhat leary of this due to having a new transmission i just bought (also off of ebay) burn up after coming back from the track the first time...but thats a sad story for another day... :cry:

the rotors installed fine & appear to be working properly. the front factory rotors were covered with tiny surface cracks. :roll: i can hear a humm or flutter from the rear rotors if i drive next to a wall or high curb now. i ordered some hawk hps pads from lonestar performance off of forest lane for a reasonable price. you'll need a special torx bit 'torx plus 45', some wheel bearing grease, NEW wheel bearing seals, and possibly new wheel bearings (mine looked good w/ 55k) which were a special order part from the local autopart store.

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