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I DO NOT want to get into this oil thing deep anymore, way too many opinions, hehehehehe

But I noticed the more Boost you have the more it DEF sucks oil, with 22 lbs mine sure changed.
I already found oil in the inlet boot and front of the TB with only a few hundred miles on it.
So I want to at least do something now to help or stop it.
With 22lbs of boost god knows if I even can ???
(I should note all it currently has is a real WORKING PCV Valve)

So I dug up my old Mod from 02,
and painted it black of course

It so happens I figured out a nice high quality 1" Brass Spring Loaded Check Valve and a
1" close Brass Nipple is all it takes.

I orig took it off cause it was ugly as schitt,
But It does look better in Black, hehehehe
Plus I need to lose some of that oil NOW
The Check valve of course only lets pressure out, but will not suck in un-metered air

I also put back the Drivers Side PCV, (the Lightning Enterprise one)

It doesn't look all that bad I guess.

What can I say except I will be checking it often, and I'll let you know if if helps or what ???

This is the Race Tested Nitrous Plate, the proto type. With the angle "oh so perfect"
you can put the nozzle in the usual lower right, the upper right, (as I have it), or even the upper left,
it's the perfect angle in each application.


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They are close Rich, but "NO PROB AT ALL". Plus those lines are actually still my original lines from the last set up, as soon as I can get a weekend without rain or plans I have a lot to do, including cutting those lines and making them shorter ;)

The best part is you can put the nozzle anywhere thats good for you
And the lines can be bent a hell of a lot closer than braided line ever can "if need be"
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