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I have a kit ready to install. Did you have to cut your exhaust or where the muffler un bolts does it fit there, any pic would be nice

Right under the passenger, you will see where the two exhaust pipes come together and are parallel. At that part there should be 2 u-bolt looking exhaust clamps. Loosen those up. Remove stock catback from those rubber hanger looking things that hold the exhaust up and keeps it from dragging on the floor. After doing that, just slide off the stock catback. If it's stuck and stubborn, use a hammer or mallet. Pretty simple and straight forward. The part that's going to be the hardest is getting the rubber hangers off. And just a heads up, the obx catback supplies exhaust clamps to attach the tips to the mufflers. They suck. If you can, get better ones or maybe you can have them welded. My muffler tips move in and out side to side because of how bad the clamps are, and yes there are tightened all the way
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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