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Anyone have Electric Exhuast Cut Out's ???

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Or an opinion on them ???

I would need the complete dual set up

Just have to figure out WHICH ONE ???

Cool Video of them in action HERE

Schitt for the price, it would clearly be the best option for a guy like me, Long Tube Headers, Mid Pipes, Hi Flow Mufflers, Hi Flow Cats, + Tips has got to run a couple of Grand installed RIGHT ?

With this I can have my Whine (THAT I LOVE SO MUCH) and then use this WHEN EVER and ONLY WHEN EVER I want :D  :smt023

I can run it fully closed, partially open, any position partially open or closed, or fully open, WOOO HOOO............

What do you guys and gals think, anyone using them here ????

Anyone know which EXACT KIT AND PART NUMBER I would need for a 100% stock Lightning ?


Once the motor's out, is there pipes I can take off the truck and go have modified with
these and have it ready to simply bolt back in later ?

I think it would be a great alternative "and the best of both worlds" for a fraction of the price of the full deal exhaust. You can cruise the street partially open to give you a nasty sound, you can have a Hemi pull up next to you, hit a switch, and go to 100% open, and scare the schitt out of him,
before you even touch the Pedal   [smilie=omgrofl.gif]

And whats better than the good old sound of full open exhaust for track day, WOO HOO

Your Opinions ???
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are they the ones for $189?

think it would be great for the track!
Rob, I think you should give 'em a call! You're much more knowledgeable about Lightnings then I am, you'd be better on the phone. :D I've been interested in this idea for a LONG time, and there's a couple good threads on NLOC and F150online, but they never really went anywhere.

But I'll tell ya what. I'm about to go full exhaust, but, if you call, find out what parts are needed for our vehicles, I'll buy the cutouts instead, and get them put on. Tell you what the deal is with 'em. Full write-up. Might save you some money over a full exhaust. And me, for that matter.

Course, this is an old might have already done something. Oh well. If you're interested, let me know. Bottom line is I hate talking to people on the phone. Hahahaha.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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