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Pulled my new motor with 1800 miles a couple weeks ago, was having oil burning issues at wot. Had low compression (170) in cylinder 4. The rest were at 210-215. Oil bumped cylinder 4 up to the rest. It drove fine if you weren't on it, but when in boost there was a noticeable power loss and I would blow smoke at full throttle.

When I got the heads off I had a lot of oil in cylinder 5 and 8 which looked like a gasket issue on 5 possibly. Couldn't tell on number 8 but is there a oil galley that could leak into cylinder 8?

When I got the timing cover off, there was a big gouge on my driver side billet guide. Chains were still tight..Didn't find any metal in the pan and the cylinder walls feel ok with my fingernail.

I didn't do a leak down because I didn't have a gauge and figured it's getting torn down anyway and I figured it didn't matter at this point since everything was coming out. This is the farthest I've gone with tearing down my motor myself. I figure I'd use this as a learning experience while I'm at it. I need new heads at a minimum since I was having some detonation around the spark plugs on cylinder 4. I'm not going to be using our crap pump gas either anymore, we don't have pump corn here but have e98 at ten bucks a gallon that ship in..its either that or go with a alky control kit. Anyway...

I know the billet guides are not necessary on a 2v but is there a reason not too be using them? Any ideas on what could have caused the gouge that I'm not seeing?

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