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I've got a puller/installer tool.

The installer bolt and push plate and nut are all in place and the pulley is about half way installed.

The installer bolt has been threaded into the threaded hole in the pulley shaft and the installer bolt has bottomed;

The push plate and nut have been threaded down the installer bolt and have contacted the pulley face... all as would be expected;

I hold the installer bolt stationary with a wrench and with another wrench I turn the push plate and nut so that they thread down the installer bolt toward the end of the bolt thereby pushing the pulley onto the shaft.

However, at this point in the install, the pulley shaft and pulley begin to turn and I get no more push due to the fact all I'm really doing is just slowly backing the installer bolt out of the pulley shaft.

I can't do anything to stop the shaft from turning.

The threads in the shaft aren't stripped as I can get the installer bolt super tight on it's own. But, I can't keep the shaft from turning when I try to thread the push plate down the bolt.

WTF am I missing?

Am I missing something or like I said am I just stupid?


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I had the same problem a couple of nights ago. If you havent figured it out, it starts to spin about maybe 1/4 inch from being totally seated. I put the belt on the pullies and that gave me enought to keep the thing from spinning with it. Hope ths helps

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i had same problem i just had a gorrilla hold the pulley while i removed it, throw your belt on and have someone grab the pulley while you spinner off
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