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AFR Heads...

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Back in my stang days those WERE THE HEADS TO HAVE! I actually owned a set of 165's and they looked awesome and VERY COMPARABLE to my ported Edelbrock 6025's (If I can remember the part # :-? ).

Anyone using AFRs on their Gen 1?

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Not I, but I'm sure if you head over to the NLOC site you'll find plenty of them! :cool:
yellow93lightning said:
Not I, but I'm sure if you head over to the NLOC site you'll find plenty of them! :cool:
That is a sure assumption, maybe some of them may venture over to our site one day :)
AFR 185's are popular with the GEN 1's. Out of the box, those or a set of Trick Flow's are probably your best option.
I have the AFR 185's on my 94' L. I run a 11lb. boost Kenne-bell with it, Bassani headers, Accufab 70mm throttle body mass air, Level 10 trans with a 2500 stall convertor. The heads cut about 3 tenths of of my 1/4 mile time. The great thing about thses heads though is they work great on the street. I'm using Steeda shft roller rockers with them, and they hold valve train geometry perfect and never need adjusting. The finish on these heads is immaculate. I think I paid about $1400.00 for them thru Wynne Speed. The other great thing about them is they are at 59cc chambers. A little more compression but not to much. When I did a clay check on these heads, each chamber was identical. I love CNC machining. KEN
Beeeeeeeautiful Set Up Ken, WOO HOO
and a even more Beautiful Lightning [smilie=bow.gif]

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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