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A very productive day, Nitrous System and Bottles back in

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Solenoids re-installed
All Wired
System is once again funtional
(no nozzle hook up "YET")

Bottle Bracket mounted (needs 2 more holes drilled and inserts installed in bed)
Both Bottles Installed

TP-1 re-hooked up and set (Throttle Position Switch)
Maximiser re-hooked up and set

A very productive day indeed :D

[smilie=bow.gif] @ DENNY, cant wait to start spraying again :smt101
THANKS PAL (and Thank You Trev)


Took it out for a nice ride this morning before the wrenching started
CAN YOU SAY BOOST....................

This thing has NO MORE tapping when started on 20 degree mornings
Idles better than it EVER did
Is quite as schitt even with the Headers and Hi Flow Cats (even on the parkway @ 80)
The Magnum is frigging unbelivable, (screams like a Virgin in a Max Security Prison Shower)

For a whine Lover like me, between the Factory Tech TD Converter whining away,
and the Magnum Powers screaming away, this frigging thing is UTOPIA
WOO HOO........................
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Looking good Rob! Looking good man!!!! The Racetested nitrous setup looks meaaaaannnnnnnn!

BTW, I have a new sig quote I will be inserting today into my sig :D

The Magnum is frigging unbelivable, (screams like a Virgin in a Max Security Prison Shower)

Keep up the good work bro! :smt033 :smt023
Good job but do yourself a favor and get rid of that 90 degree fitting on the one nitrous bottle. You now have the angle clearance that you do not need it and you will free up restriction.
I also see that you never installed the bottle pad on your other bottle. You have to admit this is a nice accessory once you have seen it on the other bottle I have sent?
The second I posted the pic, I said the same thing, and knew you'd yell at me :smt010

I have the pad sitting right on my counter, thats going on today :D
(and your right, that little Pad is way cool) :smt023 :smt023

Unfortunately it was pitch black out when I finally got to finish the tank install,
I just hand started the line in there to get a pic, then took everything out.
(I'm going to try and put a hundred miles on it today, and go visit my old neighborhood)

D, you'll have to wait to another day to get nice crisp day light pictures :sad:
planning on coming back with a used snow blower, so I wanted the bed empty :D
AMOF it's suppose to snow again today, so I'm not even sure if I can put the miles on it
)#@[email protected]#$%@#$%(@#$%(@$%@($

I figure since it's 100% (minus the Nozzle) in a emergency situation, I can always throw the nozzle in the Rubber inlet boot FOR NOW ;)

But I did succeed in making it a quick release, so I have full use of the bed,
and I don't think I ruined the look too bad, (and yes I will remove the angle)

I also came up with a special Home Made Bottle Warmer, for when they're not in

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Rob, keep that thermostat in check mang! :shock:

Looks good Rob
my goodness those selinoids are huge :smt030
lightninquick said:
my goodness those selinoids are huge :smt030
I'm assuming you are making a joke towards the bottles? We almost had dual 15lb bottles going in Rob's truck. Maybe next time!
Nice! Glad to see things are coming along good for ya :D
Lookin Good Rob!
Now if we could just get the weather to cooperate we could see some results.
Thanks All

I need to have a nice sub Bracket made up to mount that Beautiful RT Dual Bottle Bracket on to.

Since time is a wasting and I need a way to bolt it in, I did a temp fix with this.
RELAX DENNY, IT'S ONLY TEMP ( but look I put the Pad on the other Bottle :D )

The problem is, I already have those 4 steel Inserts permanantly inbedded in my floor,
and I want to continue to use them, I have some good idea's, it'll just take a litte more time.

Did I tell you how cool it is to have handles on your bottles, woo hoo..................
GOD I NEED SOME HAIR )*@&$%(@#$%)@#&$%)@(#$%)(@#$
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Careful, looks like you are about to throw your back out in that last picture. [smilie=eek4.gif]

Good job considering the weather is crap and I'm sure it's not pleasant to work in especially with cold metal. I'm sure you'll figure it all out and just in time for the race season.
Hey Rob I see you've got an oversized mat like me it must be Karma. Are those bottles a little heavy for a sales person?
Let me tell you
Those two bottles (both filled @ 1/2 - 2/3) ARE NOT easy to hold up that high.
ESPECIALLY for a fat pencil pushing salesman with a stomach hernia and bad back  [smilie=owned.gif]

oh God just do it now, get it over with before anything else stops working :smt090
Last time I saw that many Chins, was a Chinese Phone Book :LOL
Poor Rob, no matter how hard you try you get no respect. [smilie=ughug.gif]
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