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I'm finally getting around to pulling the engine/trans from the thrashed lightning. As I start to plan my build, I thought I would solicit some feedback. My intent is a fun truck that can be driven daily with a built bottom end in case I decide to put my foot in it.

I'm looking for a solid 400-425 rwhp. My initial thoughts after reading various posts and modding 101 are:
  • rebuild the short block with Manley rods/pistons
  • Stiegemeier or Jokerz ported SC/plenum/TB
  • 6lb pulley
  • stock exhaust manifolds with high flow cats (maybe cat delete) and Borla cat back
  • a tune (of course)

Some questions:
  • Will this get me the numbers I want?
  • if not, what should I change or add?
(I'm not opposed to ported heads and/or a slightly larger cam)
- in general, what would you do differently?

Thanks for the space.

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thinkin out loud
if that lightning frame is still straight I think a body swap would net a much better result than an engine swap

if you're using the 50's frame than a crown vic front crossmember and suspension
a late 70's through 80's chrysler K member with the transverse torsion bars works well
-preferably from a v8 car for the spring load capacity
I've seen it done with a Volare K frame a few times
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