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Worlds Shiniest HD F-150!
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2020 Corvette C8 Blue convertible - A Miracle Detailing - CQuartz Finest Reserve


Multiple ScanGrip MultiMatch 3. MultiMatch 2 and ScanGrip Sunmatch 3
ScanGrip Diffuser`s for MultiMatch 3 and MultiMatch 8

TUGA Devil Special Wheel Cleaner. Assorted Brushes. Detailing Outlaws Buckanizer.

Rupes 21 with a RUPES 5" Backing Plate and IBrid Nano.

Meguiars Microfiber Finishing Disc - 5" / Scholl Concepts Shock 2 Cut Extreme Compound
Lake Country HDO Blue Cutting Pad - 5 1/2" / Rupes DA Coarse High Performance Cutting Compound

RUPES White Ultrafine Foam Pad / Rupes UNO Pure Universal Ultrafine Finishing Polish

Last Step Products:
Cquartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating on paint and wheels
CQuartz Dlux Wheel and Trim Coating on trim
CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner on windows

OBSSSSD Matte - Tire Dressing (soft look).

360 walk-around video - Please click bottom Gear for HD Quality w/audio

The Front

The End

Thanks for Looking!

Any questions please feel free to ask.
Please post any feedback in a reply.
Question/Feedback is truly appreciated.

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2004 Sonic Blue Truck is # 3348 of 3781 built on 05/03/2004
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Yeehaw @merlin that turned out amazing!

That Kentucky fried Ferrari looks bad ass!!!!
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