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Minor paint correction - Note: This particular paint was on the hard side???
The "WHITE" Interior is a Vegan Leather. (No cows were harmed) It was super white!

Primary Machine Rupes 21 with a 5" backing plate
The most correction was done with a Carpro Orange foam pad and 3D ONE Hybrid
Most final polishing was done with 5" Yellow Rupes pad and a fine finishing polish.
Cquartz Finest Reserve on paint
Fly-By-FORTE on glass (the top half of the car)
Dlux on tires and trim

Video - (iPhone6 vid walkaround) w/Audio - Please click on the gear (bottom right) and watch in 1080p

Getting an Iron-X Snow foam bath before decon.

After rinse...Flat Paint - No LSP

Taped for Paint Correction (thin tape for pinstriping)

After Paint Correction / Reverse tape for glass polishing

Polishing glass with 3" DA, CarPro Glass Rayon Polishing Pads and CeriGlass polish

Cooking Wheels Short Wave IR Lights

Cooking Frunk

Cooking Trunk

Merlin Shot

Left Reflecto

Right Reflecto

Another Merlin Shot

The Front

Thanks for Looking!
Feedback appreciated.


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