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2019 Ford F150 supercharged ROUSH. High gloss black with matte vinyl overlays.
I was surprised at how much of the surface was covered in dealership swirls marks!

It had VERY soft paint! I tested many different combinations of products and pads.
My normal 1-2 punch combo was way too aggressive & left a heavy fog on the paint.
In this case, even Megs new M210 with a Rupes yellow foam pad left heavy marring.
This vehicle has VERY SOFT paint and needed gentle, soft, love for clarity and gloss.

The winning combo...
Correction: Rupes 21 - Megs D300 combined with a Megs 5" microfiber finishing pad
Polishing: Rupes 15 - Scholl's S30+ with Carpro Gloss foam pad (S30+ created very good clarity)

Dlux on Trim / Carpro CQuartz SKIN PPF & Vinyl Nano-Coat on overlays
Paint coated with CQuartz Professional. Tires coated with Scholl's Slime Tyre dressing Gel

HD 1080p video walk-around with sound (please watch in 1080p w/audio) Feedback Appreciated

My fav reflecto shot...

The End

Thanks for looking...

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