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2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee - A Miracle Detailing - CQuartz Finest Reserve

This paint was different, interesting and unusual.

My normal go-to products, pads and process didn't make a dent on the defects (swirls etc.)
Don't you just hate it when you you bring out your normal go-to and the paint just laughs at you.
Finding that pad, product, process combo was a bit of a test/experiment on this particular paint.

Paint color was "Recon Green". This is a very dark green and depending on the light it looked black.

OK, now on to the pad, product, process that worked.

TUGA Devil Special Wheel Cleaner
Detailing Outlaws Buckanizer
Assorted brushes

IronX snow soap in a MTM foam cannon
Merino Wool wash mitt / 2BW method
Metro Air Force Master Blaster

Ironx Spray and thorough rinse
Nanoskin FINE mitt and Immolube (mix)

Correction - Step 1 :
Rupes 21 5" backing plate
Carpo 5" flash pads
Scholls S2 - Shock Cut
Very slow arm speed - Medium pressure
Removed the swirls but left a slight haze.

Correction - Step 2 :
Rupes 21 5" backing plate
RUPES UHS Foam Pad - 5"
50% Scholls S2 - Shock Cut / 50% Megs M101
Very slow arm speed - Medium pressure

Polishing - Step 3 :
Rupes 15 5" backing plate
RUPES Yellow Fine Foam Pad
Meguiars M210

Two thick coats of Cquartz Finest Reserve applied to the wheels and cleaned paint surface.
Paint surface cooked with a short wave IR. Dlux applied to the trim and tires.

Sadly, I took a couple of 360 walk around vids but could not find 'em afterwards.
Here is a 1080p pictures compilation w/sound in 1080p (your feedback is appreciated)

Now onto the pics...

Hood cooking...

The Merlin Shot

Side reflecto shot. (Shamu in reflection)

another side reflecto shot...

Another Merlin Shot

The End!

Thanks for Looking!
Please post any feedback in a reply.
Feedback is truly appreciated.


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Amazing works as always. My favorite is the reflected shot of the HD... :D
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