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2016 Ford Mustang GT - A Miracle Detailing - Cquartz Professional

Rupes MK II w/5" backing plate and Rupes nano iBrid
Megs 5" mf cutting discs. Rupes green & Yellow foam pads.
ScanGrip MultiMatch 2 C+R Colormatch lights
Meguiars M110 and M210 and in many areas Scholl`s S3 and S30
Gloss black OEM paint. Very soft! On this paint be very careful with microfiber towels.

YouTube Video (Please watch in HD 1080p w/sound). Feedback Appreciated.

NOTE: This Before was a LOT worse than what it looks in this pic.

Merlin Shot


NOTE: This After was a LOT better than what it looks in this pic.

The End

Thanks for looking...Please reply in a post.

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