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Worlds Shiniest HD F-150!
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Lots of hood damage where the previous bug visor came almost off at 80 mph on the expressway and beat on the hood for an hour.
A few deep scratches on the sides on the tailgate. I got a big tailgate scratch out about 95% (sometimes it's..."improve not remove").
Gloss black came out pretty sweet. It turned out with a lot of clarity, brilliance and very glossy. The client was very happy with the results.

Side Note:
The client stopped at the store on the way home. When she came out there was a guy who just kept walking around the truck.
He said to her. "This looks awesome. What wax did you use?" She said "It's not a wax. It's Quartz Professional ceramic coating."
He said " I've heard about it but have never seen it. It looks great!" Then he told her he owns a major local production car wash.
...and he then asked her for my card.

Please watch in 1080p HD w/sound (your feedback on the video is appreciated)

The End

Thanks for looking...
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