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The client just purchased this car with just a little over 10k on the ODO.
It was covered in swirls marks!!! It looked like it was attacked by Spiderman.

It had VERY hard paint! I tried many different combinations of products and pads.
Due to the nature of the beast, it went inch by inch slow and took a lot of time.
Normal pads/products did not even make a dent. Warning: Do not try this at home.

The winning combo...
Correction: Rupes 21 - M101/M105 combined on LC Purple Thin Foamed Wool Pads
Polishing: Rupes 15 - Rupes 5" Yellow Polishing Foam Pads with Meguiars M210

Dlux on Trim / Fly-By-Forte on glass / Paint coated with CQuartz Professional
Convertible Top / RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Cleaner & Aerosol Protectant

Before and After - Use the lower R/H gear and watch in 1080p

Video - YouTube 360 walk around 1080p HD with Audio

The End

Thanks for looking...

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