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2002 Lightning Misfire won’t go away

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2002- Keeps misfiring cylinder 5 and 7, got heads rebuilt, changed coils, spark plugs, injectors. Truck idles bad almost turns off sounds cammed lol, Any help appreciated! here some stuff on the truck.
-Long tube headers
-EGR delete
-2.76 billetflow upper pulley stock lower (purchased truck with it)
-Not sure if it’s ever been tuned
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Connectors for coil packs not being fully seated and clipped or retaining clip broken (common). tip: squirt a little brake clean inside of connector before connecting it to coil pack, it makes the silicone weatherproof seal really slippery and she slides right in. Tip2: if broken, use a little silicone where retaining clip used to be and connect to coil pack. That will keep it plugged in and still allow you to unplug until you replace pigtail connector for coil pack.
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One thing is great about this forum. Learn something new everyday
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Update : Truck is finally up and running did compression test and wet compression test found what it was pulled out the heads and had 2 bent valves got replaced and is running like a champ. Thanks to who helped out commenting appreciate it !
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