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In 2017, a person starting an illegal u-turn rendered this truck a salvage. I haven't had the time or the heart to rebuild it. I purchased the truck in 2015 in stock condition with 130k miles and spent the next year doing a complete rebuild, including all suspension, drivetrain, paint, and interior. On top of the purchase price of the truck, I have receipts for $27k in parts, excluding labor, which I performed.

The truck has not been started since 2019 and would need to have the tank dropped, flushed, engine primed, etc. I would recommend all sealed parts get refurbished to ensure it is leak-free.

For a quick overview, it has an all new interior, engine (fully built MMR900 with 18lb M122 tuned by JJ), trans (by Chris), suspension, and differential (Detroit locker). The accident did not result in the frame getting shifted, but there was a bend at the rear lower control arm mount point which I had fixed at a reputable repair shop. The core support, hood, and right fender were replaced. The truck needs an alignment since the work did not include this.

The truck has somewhere around 160k miles on it now and the buyer will get all spare parts from the original work:
  • Additional set of (curb-rashed from original owner) wheels and tires
  • Original longblock
  • Original 4R100

This was supposed to be my "last truck." For the right person with the time and skills, this truck could be a 500+RWHP street fighter again. I really hope so, anyway!

$11,000. Truck will have to be flat-bedded. The truck is in So Cal and is registered non-op, salvage. Title in hand. I know it's worth at least that parted out, but I would love to see it brought back to life. See attached for an itemization of all the parts that have gone into it.

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Impressed that the ash tray still works :). Sorry about your truck :-(
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