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The owner just purchased this car from an older gentleman that could no longer drive it.
The prior owner had a "detailer" stop by every couple of weeks to "clean" the vehicle.
It was totally covered in swirls marks and he wanted to restore rather than repaint.

Rupes 21 with a 5" backing plate.
Scholl's S2 with a Megs 5" microfiber disc.
Scholl's S30 with a Rupes Yellow foam pad.

Before/After - Trunk - In person it looked a lot worse than this 10sec. video

Video - (iPhone6 vid walkaround w/audio) Please click on the gear (bottom right) and watch in 1080p HD

Shop hood shot

Shop side shot

Merlin Shot

Side Reflecto

The End

Thank you for looking...
Please reply in a post.

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