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I have my Lightning that I cant seem to find the time to finish it up. unfortunately I dont think im gonna have the time anytime soon. I figured it would be better to have someone else take it over. the truck has 55k miles on it. I hurt the motor but have the block and crank that have been checked out and ready for assembly. interior is stock and very clean. the paint job is probably a 8.5-9 (black and silver stripes) asking $10,000
I can text or email pictures 9546148771
JPL long bars
DMP valve body
circle D torque converter 2800
fore tripple hat w/255's
-10 feed and -8 return
JDM catless mids
JDM catback
wet okole seat covers (been covered since about 25k miles)
driveshaft loop
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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