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you people

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    Here's how it originated. :laughing25
  2. General Chat
    Wanna know which L group is the best...I'm moving and need to know!! 1) TEXAS 2) FLORIDA who has the most members? Which group is the fastest? Which group does the most GTG's? And which group is superior? :bolt
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    This is too funny not to watch! This song is soo funny! My cousin was listening to it, so i searched it and he told me that that's what they call it...
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    I don't understand the need to have rep does it make you cooler? No your still the same loser with thousands of rep points as you were with 10 rep points. So grow the F up and stop being gay.
  5. Gen 2 Lightnings
    Well being that it seems like the biggest population of lightnings are in Florida and Texas, which state do you think has the most registered lightnings? This should be fun
  6. Gen 2 Lightnings
    ok i got the sc and ic clean the IC, do i remove all the little bolts on the bottom side of it? because if i spray carb cleaner into the fins to clean it, its gonna go through into the pan or do i just pull the pan and clean inside there and on the outside? truck was 90k...
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    :yikes lol so I've only been on here for two weeks, how in the heck do I have so much rep points?!? Lol Not complaining, I'm just saying my rep/post ratio is rid-donk-ulous!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:bigtu
  8. Texas Lightning Rodders
    so no $%!# there I was en deen