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  1. Gen 2 Lightnings
    Rewiring all the aftermarket wiring in the truck due to it looking like a birds nest and having alot of questionable connections. I just want to get confirmation on 2 things, the triggers for the Fuel pumps and the trigger for the Electric fans. 1). Fuel pumps look like they were triggered off...
  2. Gen 2 Lightnings
    Good day, Currently have a LFP e-fan but the previous owner did his own wiring rather than what was sent/how it should be. My question is, does the JDM wiring kit work? Attached is the link to the wiring kit. Thanks...
  3. Introductions
    Good morning all, new to the forum so I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello my name is Jake, and I live down in Key West. I’ve been a mechanic for quite a long time, and I’ve done a few custom builds, but this one that I’m doing right now is for me specifically. I purchased my self a...
1-3 of 3 Results