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why i love lr

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    Wanna know which L group is the best...I'm moving and need to know!! 1) TEXAS 2) FLORIDA who has the most members? Which group is the fastest? Which group does the most GTG's? And which group is superior? :bolt
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    We all have them, now it's time to hear them. This may get graphic. Me first: I was looking for something to eat one day real quick before work. I open up the fridge and find a container full of barbequed lima beans. "Perfect", I say to myself...a few minutes in the microwave, eat, and I'm...
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    We have had a lot of states threads but I never saw a states poll
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    [smilie=om ROFLMAO [smilie=om [URL=""][/URL]
  5. Gen 2 Lightnings
    my 02 L got 87 by accident and it seems to run fine no detonation (i didnt know my buddy who borowed it filled it with 87)evan WOT feels and sounds good.any body run it in a mostly stock L?i usualy run 89 or 93 depending on how much money i have on me.and yes i know 87 is crap especialy in a...