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  1. Whipple 2.75" Upper Pulley

    ARCHIVES: Gen 1 / Gen 2 (Vehicles & Parts)
    Pictured is a 3.00" pulley, but this AD is for the 2.75" (pulley is still at home boxed up). I believe the pulley is used (I bought it second hand), but it still looks new. Will make ~3-4 psi OVER the 3.375" upper that is included with the Whipple kits. :bolt $90 SHIPPED. First paid, first...
  2. Whipple 3.4 Tuning

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    Me and a buddy of mine are trying to tackle some of the tuning hurdles with the addition of the new 3.4 Whipple on my fully built '01 Lightning. I am hoping some of you guys can shed some light on the situation. First off, although most tuning platforms are similar, we are using the Sniper...